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green sand glauconitic

glauconite (greensand) the delaware geological survey

greensand is composed primarily of the mineral glauconite -- a potassium iron aluminum silicate. in some delaware greensands the glauconite content exceeds 90%. the remaining 10% is mainly quartz. in the past greensand was used in delaware as an inexpensive fertilizer. the only active greensand mine in the u.s. today is in new jersey. once mined greensand is dried and used as a soil

glauconite - wikipedia

in brazil greensand refers to a fertilizer produced from glauconitic siltstone unit belonging to the serra da saudade formation bambuí group of neoproterozoic/ediacaran age. the outcrops occur in the serra da saudade ridge in the alto paranaíba region minas gerais state.

what the heck is greensand -

we get this question everyday and never grow weary answering it. the reason is simple we love greensand. if you have never used the product (or never heard of it) greensand is a mineral called glauconite which is found on the ocean floor and mined for use as an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. greensand supplies marine potash silica iron oxide magnesia lime phosphoric acid and

greensand - wikipedia

greensand or green sand is a sand or sandstone which has a greenish color. this term is specifically applied to shallow marine sediment that contains noticeable quantities of rounded greenish grains. these grains are called glauconies and consist of a mixture of mixed-layer clay minerals such as smectite and glauconite mica. greensand is also loosely applied to any glauconitic sediment.

green sand (glauconite) crop services international

green sand (glauconite) description; product description. a natural mined mineral noted for its potash (approx. 7%) and its silica content as well as a very broad spectrum of trace elements. available in 1 ton totes only. product will be dry. please call for pricing and availability.

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