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malamine piperazine phosphates

us patent application for flame retardant composition and

while the melamine phosphate may be obtained by the reaction between a corresponding phosphoric acid or phosphate and melamine it is preferable to use melamine pyrophosphate or melamine polyphosphate particularly melamine pyrophosphate obtained by heat-condensation of melamine orthophosphate. while the piperazine phosphate may be

fire thermal and mechanical properties of tpe composites

a novel synergistic flame retardant system containing piperazine pyrophosphate (papp) synthesised by polycondensation melamine phosphate (mpp) and titanium dioxide (tio 2) was applied to the thermoplastic elastomer (tpe).the char residues of tpe/papp/mpp/tio 2 composites were 23.5 wt-% in n 2 and 17.3 wt-% in air. meanwhile the as-obtained composites showed enhanced flame retarding

us20090054564a1 - piperazine polyphosphate methods for

the invention relates to a piperazine polyphosphate which has an average chain length of from 2.2 to 10 phosphate units to a method for its preparation and to its use. us20090054564a1 - piperazine polyphosphate methods for its preparation and its use - google patents

melamine piperazine pyrophosphate compound-shandong sunris

phosphorus flame retardants nitrogen phosphorus intumescent flame retardants cleaning agent. phosphorus flame retardants. product introduction. specification. product grades sr-202 english name melamine piperazine pyrophosphate compound usage peppother polyolefins product number product features product packing.

us3810850a - piperazine phosphates as fire retardants for

piperazine phosphates of the formula 2356-tetra(r-)piperazine . (h3po4)x . (h2o)y wherein x is 1 or 2 y is 0 or 1 and each r taken individually is hydrogen or lower alkyl and piperazine pyrophosphate act as fire retardants for organic s.

melamine phosphate c3h9n6o4p - pubchem

melamine phosphate c3h9n6o4p cid 92612 - structure chemical names physical and chemical properties classification patents literature biological activities

phosphorus-based and intumescent flame retardants

in addition to ammonium and melamine phosphate piperazine-based phosphates are also commercially available. in polyolefins piperazine pyrophosphates are effective frs. piperazine pyrophosphate can be obtained through condensation of two piperazine phosphate units. impurities with piperazine phosphate lead to a lowering of the decomposition

piperazine pyrophosphate - translation into french

) selected from among piperazine phosphate piperazine pyrophosphate piperazine polyphosphate and mixtures of these piperazine salts; 99 to 1 ptwt of melamine/inorganic phosphorus compound salt (component

2 phosphorus-based frs -

phosphorus-based frs 19 • semi-organic represented by amine and melamine salts of phosphoric acids metal salts of organophosphinic acids and phosphonium salts. • phosphate and phosphonate esters. phosphate esters is the most diverse class of phosphorus fl ame retardants which can be further separated into • aliphatic phosphates

us20150155075a1 - halogen-free flame retardant

a compound of formula 1 where m is at least one of melamine morpholine piperazine piperidine alkyl hydroxyl and a triazine of formula 2 where d is a heterocyclic or polyamine moiety and m and n are independently integers the sum (m+n) of which is less than 1000 and 2. a piperazine phosphate.

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