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how do you extract iron from its ore

extracting a metal from its ore -

copper tin lead and iron are more reactive and must be heated with carbon to extract the metals. aluminum calcium sodium and other active metals are extracted using electrolysis. copper can be extracted from its ores by reduction. one of the common copper ores malachite

how do you extract iron from ore - answers

the basic process to extract iron from ores is to oxidize the ore into iron oxides (such as feo fe2o3 etc.). the iron oxides are melted and mixed with charcoal or coke (carbon from purified coal).

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i would say woodcutting is by far the best skill to make money with i advise you to cut normal logs until you can do oak. then stick with oak until lv 40 or so then do willows until 70-75 then chop yews for a lot of profit the other skill i find useful is smithing buying ore then smithing to make loads per bar.

extracting iron and copper

the reactivity series shows metals in order of reactivity. the reactivity of a metal is related to its tendency to form positive ions. iron and aluminium are extracted from their ores in various ways.

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you should have at least 20 sp by now and if you do i suggest learning the harvesting specialty which is the only specialty available to you right now it'll come in handy for this map since there's quite a few harvesting spots in here. go northeast for another set of enemies defeat them then go a little bit north and then east down the slope.

how do you extract iron from its ore answersdrive

how do you extract iron from its ore iron is extracted from iron ore in a huge container called a blast furnace. iron ores such as haematite contain iron oxide. the oxygen must be removed from the iron oxide to leave the iron behind. reactions in which oxygen is removed are called reduction reactions.

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