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antimony minerals processing

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animas river open to public recreation after contamination

animas river open to public recreation after contamination. in most colorado rivers because of past mining activities and the geology of the state. to exercise patience until the process

antimony compounds - united states environmental

antimony oxides (primarily antimony trioxide) are used as fire retardants for plastics textiles rubber adhesives pigments and paper. (1) sources and potential exposure antimony is found at very low levels throughout the environment. (1) the concentration of antimony in ambient air ranges from less than 1 nanogram per cubic meter (ng/m 3)

the exposure to and health effects of antimony

public health effects of antimony. the agency for toxic substances and disease registry[] has composed a comprehensive account of the public health effects of antimony including health effects by route of exposure (inhalation oral and dermal exposure) toxicokinetics (absorption distribution metabolism and excretion) biomarkers of exposure and effect among other chapters.

facts about antimony live science

sources of antimony. antimony is a rare element but can sometimes be found naturally. however it’s mostly in the form of its sulfide stibnite. uses of antimony.

pollutant fact sheet

the majority of antimony released ends up in soils. exposure to high levels of antimony (which may occur in the immediate vicinity of sources of release) may harm wildlife. if antimony enters water bodies it can be toxic to aquatic life. it is not considered likely that antimony pollution has any effects on the global environment.

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