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processing of wet magnetic seperation

wet magnetic separation -

the magnetic characteristics of the particle affect the force applied on it by a factor ranging from zero to approximately 0.5. the magnetic force applied on a particle is a direct function of the cube of its radius. hence the great importance of the size of particles in wet magnetic separation. the force is a direct function of both h and dh/dx.

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the wet magnetic separators are primarily used for cobbing roughing cleaning and finishing purposes. concurrent and counter-current separators are designed for both single and multistage ar-rangements. magnetic separation theory the magnetic separation of magnetite and other magnetic minerals is a complex process. during the separation

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• if your device gets wet immediately unplug it to dry off completely. do not attempt to accelerate the drying process with an external heating source such as an oven microwave or hair dryer. • the liquid in your wet device changes the colour of the product label inside your device.

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