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csr and mining community development perception only

mining and corporate social responsibility partnerships

2011113&ensp·&enspmining and corporate social responsibility partnerships in south africa l mabuza n msezane and m kwata in the light of challenges associated with sustainable development in the developing world the mining industry as is the with other industries has

corporate social responsibility research: the importance

there has in recent times been an increasing interest in understanding corporate social (and environmental) responsibility (csr) and in particular csr reporting in developing countries. however many of these studies fail to investigate fully the contextual factors that influence csr and reporting in those countries preferring to rely on theories and hypotheses developed from studies

the impact of employee perception of csr practices on

20151128&ensp·&enspthe impact of employee perception of csr practices on organizational commitment and role behaviors: environment community and workplace. this csr framework is used as a guideline for malaysian plcs in assisting them to practice the csr. according to christopher & linda (2012) a lot of studies concentrate only on external stakeholders

corporate responsibility and the movement of business

2016225&ensp·&enspcorporate responsibility and the movement of business peter utting the corporate social responsibility (csr) agenda has taken off since the 1980s with both civil society and business actors involved in mobilising around it. this paper examines the reasons for civil society mobilisation on csr issues the types of organisations involved and their

corporate social responsibility the cost of equity

20171031&ensp·&enspis the required rate of return given the market's perception of a firm's riskiness. if csr affects the theoretical background and hypotheses development 2.1. csr in china (su and he 2011). in recent years china has realized the importance of csr. high csr not only benefits the sustainable development of society but also helps to

ten ways for cooperation with local mining communities

ten ways for cooperation with local mining communities despite the old perception mining companies are more flexible and they listen carefully to the needs of the local people. the community and the mining business outline their common future in which the majority of companies exceed their legally set obligations and daily business

west coast diamond mining edit10 amazon web services

2015127&ensp·&enspmost of the diamond mining towns on the west coast suffer high unemployment substance abuse mental disorders suicide and domestic violence. show in terms of community development infrastructural development or an existence much whilst csr often only remains a part of a glossy corporate annual report with little

coverpage community perceptions of mining

20181213&ensp·&ensp(csr) specifically calls on mining companies to also respond to their other stakeholders (employees customers affected communities and the general the interview results indie that the community has a positive perception towards mining in general. responses from farmers who stood to be directly 2.4 the impact of mining development 28. 6

demystifying power in community development

2019111&ensp·&enspkeywords: power mining company community development csr empowerment introduction mining is one of the world's major industrial sectors which in some cases means that the changes of perception behaviours and ultimately standard of more imperative rather than distributive as it only focuses on the capacity of individuals to

corporate social responsibility of mining

corporate social responsibility of mining companies in argentina the paper reveals that societal groups have different perception of csr of mining

corporate social responsibility risk and development in

the literature is nearunanimous on the growing engagement with csr in the mining industry and beyond noting changed corporate structures increased staffing in csr teams greater reporting and investment in remedial and community development programmes (blowfield and murray 2011 franks 2015 kemp 2009).

stakeholder management theory meets csr practice in

csr needs to be implemented into every level of an organization to have a meaningful impact and management systems are proven useful for csr practice. benefits of integrating all csr aspects into a sustainability management system are often claimed. stakeholder theory can advance csr practice.

community perception and oil companies corporate social

abstract poverty and conflicts are endemic in the niger delta even as oil companies operating in the region intensify their corporate social responsibility (csr) initiatives in community development.

chapter 9 local communities and mines

2015724&ensp·&enspchapter 9 local communities and mines 198 sustainable development at the community level 200 gains and losses at the local level 201 an economic perspective 202 a social perspective 206 a cultural and political perspective 207 an environmental perspective 208 maximizing mining's contribution to communities 209 revenue distribution and use

perception about mining needs to changempt 2011 india

the role of mining industry in india its contribution in gdp infrastructure development making india self reliant in metals like zinc lead iron ore copper steel silver aluminium employment generation and global positioning is unquestionable. what is needed is responsible mining with care for environment and community.

mining and corporate social responsibility in zambia: a

2014516&ensp·&enspmining and corporate social responsibility in zambia: a study of barrick gold mine. by broader body of knowledge of csr in the mining sector in zambia. it also brings csr in community development. although there is no one common definition of community

effectiveness of corporate social responsibility in

mining sector which leads to csr in terms of the community share ownership trust has become a legal regulation. secondly csr is an area of interest since most organizations are now practicing the societal marketing concept which gives emphasis to the fact that organizations must not only be concerned about

dynamics of community perceptions common resources

approach to compensation valuation and improved csr packages by mines as (german etal. 2011) and the linkages between mining sustainable development and health (yelpaala 2004). only a few studies such as kidido et al. (2015) focused on the rightful recipients of mining compensation these do not augur well for mining companycommunity

examining stakeholders' perceptions of mining impacts and

examining stakeholders' perceptions of mining impacts and corporate social responsibility that stakeholders perceive mining impacts on social and environmental domains negatively in contrast to a positive perception about economic impacts. csr is addressed in terms of social and environmental responsibilities but is also perceived

the role of corporate social responsibility (csr) in

2017121&ensp·&enspcorporate social responsibility plays important roles in poverty reduction and in ensuring prosperity of the community surrounding its endeavors. this study uses desktop and library methodology to explore and present the tanzanian context existing literature and actual facts on the role of corporate social responsibility (csr) in community development.

corporate social responsibility and sustainable business

201685&ensp·&enspas to why csr gets started some authors argue that csr can be seen as either an integral part of the business strategy and corporate identity or it can be used as a defensive policy with the latter being used more often by companies targeted by activists. the rationale for csr can be based on a moral argument a rational

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