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mining process of shale oil

oil shale industry - wikipedia

the oil shale industry is an industry of mining and processing of oil shale—a fine-grained sedimentary rock containing significant amounts of kerogen (a solid mixture of organic chemical compounds) from which liquid hydrocarbons can be manufactured. the industry has developed in brazil china estonia and to some extent in germany and russia. several other countries are currently

energy: the pros and cons of shale gas drilling - cbs news

energy: the pros and cons of shale gas drilling. emerging energy source burns cleaner than coal could reduce u.s. dependence on foreign oil

marcellus shale fail - estimates of natural gas reserves

marcellus shale fail - estimates of natural gas reserves were inflated oil and gas companies use a controversial mining technique called hydrofracking to extract the gas. the process is known

oil tycoon 2 - idle clicker factory miner tap game for

enjoyed oil tycoon youll love oil tycoon 2 ! become an oil tycoon by managing your oil wells and your idle profit!the turmoil history starts when you find an

oil shale - wikipedia

oil shale gains attention as a potential abundant source of oil whenever the price of crude oil rises. at the same time oil-shale mining and processing raise a number of environmental concerns such as land use waste disposal water use waste-water management greenhouse-gas emissions and air pollution.

oil shale - official 7 days to die wiki

oil shale can only be found by mining in the desert biome. it has a purple hue and is somewhat shiny on higher graphic settings with a brushed appearance (see images below). oil shale is found in the desert by digging down at about 20 blocks where the stone layer begins. it is in the stone layer under the desert just like other ores.

oil shale mining in estonia: surface mining is the most

oil shale mining in estonia selective mining improves quality in oil shale extraction. oil shale is a type of rock consisting of both organic carbon and mineral constituents. oil shale resources are estimated to amount to some 10 quintillion tonnes worldwide.

oil shale - environmental issues britannica

oil shale - oil shale - environmental issues: the production of oil from shales has a potentially serious impact on the environment. four specific areas of concern dominate discussion regarding development of the resource: greenhouse gas output water consumption and pollution surface disturbance and socioeconomic effects. because oil and gas are produced by heating oil shale and because

oil shale extraction howstuffworks

and in many cases the remaining oil is simply left for future drilling with more advanced equipment. getting crude oil from rock represents perhaps the most difficult process of extraction. oil shale must be mined using either underground- or surface-mining methods. after excavation the oil shale must undergo retorting.

bush lifts ban on offshore drilling - cbs news

bush lifts ban on offshore drilling. lifting restrictions on oil shale leasing in the green river basin of colorado utah and wyoming and easing the regulatory process to expand oil refining

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